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Term Description
Active High A digital signal that represents active, on, or true when its voltage is higher than the other logic state (low). Active-high signals can range from a few volts DC to as high as 24V DC, depending on the logic family or devices in use.
Active Low A digital signal that represents active, on, or true when its voltage is lower than the other logic state (high). Active-low signals can range from digital ground to a few tenths of a volt.
Address 1. A number that specifies where data is stored (e.g., memory or I/O address). 2. A name or number identifying a unique device or group of devices on a network (e.g., Modbus or MAC address).
Algorithm A formula with a specific set of instructions for performing a series of computational procedures or calculations.
Alias 1. Using a standard baud rate that the operating system understands, which is substituted with a different baud rate at the device driver level. Common in serial adapters with non-standard oscillators. 2. Assigning an additional name to a string or object.
Amp Commonly shortened from ampere. A base unit for measuring electrical current. One amp is equal to 6.242 x 10^18 electrons, or one Coulomb of electric charge, passing a given point in one second (1 A = 1 C/s). See: Ampere, Coulomb
Ampere (Symbol: A) An SI base unit for measuring electrical current, commonly shortened to amp. Named after André-Marie Ampère (1775–1836). See: Amp
Analog A type of signal that varies continuously (lighter to darker, 4 to 20 mA, and so on), as opposed to a digital signal that can exist in only one of two possible states.
Analog Ground The location in a system that serves as a reference ground for all analog signals. Some circuits may combine analog ground and digital ground, but most circuits separate them to reduce noise and ground currents.
AND Gate A circuit that performs an AND operation based on the state of its inputs.
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