Making New Friends: Sealevel’s International Journey

March 16, 2010

Tel AvivI’m pleased to have my feet back on the ground after interesting trips to Israel and Germany. We had some great successes in both countries, managing to forge new relationships across borders — a focus for Sealevel going forward. As an earlier blog from Earle Foster discusses, the best business is done when personal interaction is involved.

Israel was a very interesting place with much technology and industry. We were welcomed by our customers and technology partners, and we were even able to do some sightseeing on our days off. We visited both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv — two very diverse and very fascinating places. Jerusalem is as you would imagine: a beautiful city sitting in the sky with magnificent Jerusalemarchitecture and buildings from the days of Christ. Tel Aviv is much more modern with new sky rise structures and a redeveloped port where people can enjoy dinner and drinks in the sunshine. The weather was fine, and, I must say, the food was very much to my taste — a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern — imagine fresh vegetables, olive oil, hummus, spicy meats, and pita bread. We have some great things bubbling away in Israel, and I hope to have a reason to return in the near future.

Whilst Germany was in stark contrast to the Middle East (the weather was very cold and the architecture positively gothic), Nuremberg is a great city. We marveled at the old city walls and a medieval castle that overlooks the whole area. The downtown area is situated in very close proxiEmbedded World 2010mity to the train station, which has overland trains for travelling across Europe, and also a great light railway system for inner-city journeys.  The exhibition halls were a 15-minute, door-to-door exercise from our hotel. This leads me nicely to the Embedded World Show and the reason for our stay. The show was a great success! We had great interest in our products, and the R9 range was a real hit. We’re now working on proposals for a numbers of customers throughout Europe, and we hope to increase brand awareness with similar exercises in the future. We were also able to research exciting new technologies while at the show, and we hope to use this information on new products currently in the Sealevel mixer.