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June 1, 2010

Sealevel Shipping DepartmentIn the ten years I have worked at Sealevel, I have enjoyed watching the company grow and evolve into what it is today. During my first year at Sealevel, I tested circuit boards. I’ve been in shipping for the past nine years, and I’m now the Shipping Manager.

During this time, I have watched the shipping department make huge advancements in how our products are packaged and shipped. Sealevel takes great pride in assuring customer satisfaction by maintaining a high on-time delivery percentage. We also use many different kinds of packaging materials to assure that every product — no matter what size or shape – will arrive to our customers safely. We feel that the appearance of a package says a lot about a company. That’s why many of our packages have the Sealevel logo printed in color on the box.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching our domestic and international customer base grow over the years. We ship Sealevel products around the world on a daily basis. The Shipping Department at Sealevel is part of a team that works toward keeping our customers happy and delivering quality products to anyone who needs them, no matter where they may be.