Quality Customer Service

June 2, 2010

Complaint DepartmentHave you ever stood in line at a retail store waiting to return or exchange an item and thought to yourself, “Wow, I am absolutely thrilled to be here right now, and I suspect my experience with the customer service representative will add a bit of sunshine to an otherwise dreary day!?” My guess is no. In fact, if you’re in agreement with the average shopper, a visit to the customer service desk is one of the least desirable destinations within any store.

Here at Sealevel, we have no intention of perpetuating the stereotypes associated with retail customer service representatives. Instead, we have taken great strides to remove our organization from those stereotypes by employing a fully-staffed, professional customer service department with knowledgeable, responsive and helpful representatives.

There comes a point when almost every company or corporation of significant size must create and develop a customer service department within their organization. However, the ability to meet customer expectation and maintain it throughout the entire buyer/seller relationship is what differentiates quality customer service from simply a complaint department. There is no “complaint department” at Sealevel Systems. While there are very obvious differences between a retail customer service desk at your local mall and a corporate customer service department, they are often perceived to be one in the same due to the fundamental purpose of each institution. Yet, a professional customer service department at the corporate level requires an entirely different skill set than that of your typical retail store. Each member of our customer service department must maintain a working knowledge of products offered, understand all company policies and procedures, as well as cultivate a personable and helpful relationship with the customer. With that in mind, we pride ourselves on our ability to limit the number of customer service issues and quickly address and resolve any issues of concern.Sealevel Customer Service

At Sealevel, the term “quality” is a recurring theme throughout our entire company profile. From quality products, to quality people, to quality customer service, we strive to create an exceptional customer experience in which all aspects are treated with the same level of importance. By using quality, USA manufactured parts and components, we count on our products themselves to reduce the number of returns and failures, thus lessening the frequency of customer service concerns. Additionally, with 100-percent product testing, excellent packaging and inspection procedures and superior technical support supplied by highly trained, in-house application engineers, we are able to shrink our customer service issues to a minimal and manageable level.

In the event of a true customer service problem, our goal is to react quickly and effectively to alleviate any burden encountered by the customer. A quick response provided by a live, courteous representative, rather than an automated number-punching service, goes a long way toward customer preservation. Typically, customers are accepting of mistakes if they feel as though swift action is being taken to correct them. In the words of British Airways V.P., Donald Porter, “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.”