At Home with the Relio R1000

June 3, 2010

Relio R1000 ComputersWhile the R1000 is a great low power embedded computer for industrial control, monitoring and kiosk-type applications, it can also find a good niche at home. The systems’ small, rugged metal enclosures allow them to be used in virtually any application.

A garage or workshop can be a pretty inhospitable environment for a standard fan cooled box or desktop PC. The R1000 computer line is designed to operate in a much wider temperature range than standard PCs, so it can withstand the broad temperature swings often seen in a garage or workshop that may not be climate controlled. The fanless design prevents dust, chemicals and other grime from being drawn into the computer. A fan-cooled PC can develop a buildup of these contaminants over time which can cause performance degradation and eventually full system failure.

The R1000 is great for basic computing tasks like streaming music from the internet or home media server, checking email, surfing the web or word processing without ever having to leave your play area. All this is accomplished while reducing your carbon footprint since the R1000 uses a fraction of the power of a standard desktop PC.