Sensacell’s Interactive Technology

June 22, 2010

One of the great things about being in Sales is that I never have the same day twice. I enjoy meeting new customers and learning about their new applications. I am always fascinated by the endless amount of creativity of our prospects and customers. About a year ago, I began working with the Sensacell team and immediately knew this was one of the coolest projects I had seen.

SensacellImagine you are at a museum. As you walk up to a piece of artwork, the floor recognizes your presence and begins to tell you about the piece. What if you were doing cardio at a gym and each step lit up the floor while counting the calories that you burned? Or you are at a bar, you set down a drink and the table ripples light underneath your glass? These are the ideas that the Sensacell system brings to life.

Sensacell produces modular sensors that transform any surface into a human interface technology. Sensacell modules can be assembled to form interactive sensors of any size or shape, from a single 6″ x 6″ module to 1000s of square feet.

The modules are panels of LEDS. The modules gather human input data, whether it be a hand movement, a glass of wine or a footprint, and pass the data to a Sensacell PC. The PC then processes this data and sends the modules the appropriate response. In order to make these LEDs intelligent, Sensacell has a custom software package that drives these panels. Sensacell and Sealevel partnered to produce an Ethernet to serial box that would act as the means of communication between the panels and the PC.

The Sealevel box takes the serial data from the panels, converts it to Ethernet and sends this data to the PC. The PC then sends the pixel data back to the Sealevel unit,  which converts the data to serial so the panels can respond. As you can imagine, this data exchange must take place quick so the user feels as if the changes to the LEDS are happening instantaneously.

Currently, Sensacell is transforming storefront windows in New York City. The Sensacell system senses hand movements through the window glass, allowing the viewer to interact and influence the behavior of the display.

To see Sensacell’s work in action, visit their YouTube channel.

Sensacell is one example of the many great partners we have here at Sealevel. Let us know how you’re using Sealevel products in your applications.