EPS-Tech of Israel Joins SeaPARTNER Network

November 16, 2010

SeaPARTNERAfter a successful visit to Israel earlier this year, we are excited to announce a new partnership in that territory.  After assessing our options, we are pleased to welcome EPS-Tech to the Sealevel team.

EPS-Tech is a solution provider for embedded and industrial computing platforms; they provide application engineering support for system definition, electronic hardware configuration, platform design, integration, and testing. They concentrate on all the vertical markets synonymous with Sealevel’s traditional customer base, and therefore were a natural choice to take our brand forward in Israel. EPS is looking to improve their product portfolio by adding our range of quality serial communication, digital I/O, and embedded RISC based solutions.EPS-Tech

“EPS is excited to partner with Sealevel; we believe that both companies display a spirit of innovation backed by top level engineering and quality products. EPS will seek opportunities to promote the Sealevel products in the Israeli market, and integrate the Sealevel products within our system solutions,” said Daniel Applebaum, CEO of EPS-Tech.

Established in 1992, EPS is a privately owned business with an impressive 25,000 sq/ft facility in an industrial region of Israel near Tel Aviv, called Tzur-Igal. They have a great customer base with companies such as Applied Materials, Rafael, the IDF, Radvision, and IAI all regularly using their services. You can read more about EPS-Tech at their website, and any inquiries can be directed at Ofir Bagim or Pini Azaria via their office switchboard (+972-9-7498585).

We’re very pleased to welcome EPS-Tech to our SeaPartner network. I believe they bring a great team of talented people with years of experience to the table, and their company ethos really fits with Sealevel’s expectations.  For a long time, we’ve seen Israel as a key market for our products, and now we have a great partner to take us to the next level.

Sealevel’s international partners, known as SeaPARTNERS, are part of an exclusive worldwide group who have earned the right to distribute Sealevel products. For their expertise and dedication, Sealevel guarantees top-quality products, full service support and online access to everything their partners need for success.