Enhanced SeaLINK Ethernet Serial Software Available

February 15, 2011

Sealevel's Ethernet ProductA new, enhanced version of Sealevel’s SeaLINK software, supporting the Sealevel family of Ethernet to serial devices, has been released. The SeaLINK V5 driver for Microsoft Windows has been rewritten from the ground up to provide increased throughput, improved security features, additional diagnostic capabilities, and support for new SeaLINK serial devices launching this year.

Sealevel SeaLINK Ethernet to serial solutions now offer even better performance for adding legacy serial ports to your Ethernet network. SeaLINK V5 software provides increased serial data throughput with less driver overhead than previous versions. Additionally, SeaLINK software allows you to choose the best serial and network performance settings for your application with the ability to toggle Nagle’s algorithm. Simply stated, when Nagle’s algorithm is enabled, Ethernet network overhead is reduced by grouping messages together into fewer packets. When Nagle’s algorithm is disabled, device latency will be dramatically decreased.

SeaLINK V5 now supports communicating via Raw TCP/IP mode. This feature allows SeaLINK devices to be used in mixed operating system environments without affecting existing Windows applications or requiring RFC-2217 support under Linux. Ethernet device security is also an important consideration for system designers. Sealevel SeaLINK devices can require a password that prevents firmware updates or changes to device configuration settings.

For easy field diagnostics and troubleshooting, the Test Serial Connection utility included with SeaLINK V5 software allows you to test a specific serial port. This utility is especially helpful for troubleshooting COM ports and serial devices located behind a firewall.

SeaLINK V5 supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and 32-bit versions of Windows XP. When upgrading to SeaLINK V5 software on your Windows system, be sure to upgrade the firmware on your SeaLINK serial device. SeaLINK V5 software and the supporting firmware are available on the Sealevel website and are now shipping with all new SeaLINK Ethernet to serial devices.