RISC-Based HMI for Extreme Environments

April 22, 2011

RISC-Based HMI for Extreme EnvironmentsFinding an off-the-shelf solution that works well for your design requirements is not always possible. A recent project for a customer who makes equipment and wiring for process heat maintenance posted an interesting challenge. The company’s application required a rugged, economical HMI (human-machine interface) that operated to -30°C. This application is problematic because most HMI’s are based on TFT LCDs that cannot be operated without damage below 0°C without a heating system. In this case, Sealevel’s engineering team overcame this challenge by designing an LCD-based HMI capable of operation below 0°C without heaters.

This particular application required use of Sealevel’s engineering expertise in the areas of:

  • Design Specification and Project Management
  • Electrical Design
  • Software Design
  • Product Compliance and Certifications
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)