Sealevel Gets Unplugged at Songwriter’s Event

September 23, 2011

euphoria 2011Sealevel proudly sponsored Euphoria’s kickoff event, 2011 Songwriter’s Recipe: Songs and Stories from euphoria Unplugged, at the Warehouse Theater, just steps away from where the festival will take place this weekend.

Ben O’Hanlan opened the night’s events on behalf of Sealevel with a welcome to supporters of Euphoria and an introduction of the founders of Local Boys Do Good, Carl Sobocinski and Edwin McCain. Watch a clip of Ben and Carl kicking off the event.

The 2011 Songwriter’s Recipe featured three singer/songwriters: Will Hoge, Maia Sharp, and Edwin McCain. The performers introduced each song with some background behind the song or a relevant anecdote. The group fed off of each other’s themes and delivered songs that covered everything from social consciousness to funnier subjects like the differences between men and women.

Will Hoge gave us a humorous male perspective of love and relationships with his song titled “No Man’s Land.” The Nashville native’s lyrics tell us that there’s actually more than one man out in no man’s land, doing things that only men would understand. His latest album, Number Seven, drops on Tuesday, so be sure to look it up.

Maia Sharp is a talented songwriter who gave an incredible performance.  Maia has written for Bonnie Raitt and Trisha Yearwood (along with our friend, songwriter Sarah Majors). She opened her hit song “Red Dress” with a story about a large man sitting in front of one of her shows, swilling his third forty-ounce beer and singing in his deep voice, “I put on my red dress”. Hoge had us laughing all night, but when he came out for Maia’s final chorus in a red dress and bra, the audience was in tears.

Finally, Edwin McCain closed the show with a spoof on his hit song, “I’ll Be.” The spoof was called “Aunt Bee.” I was too caught up in the performance to get a video, so I’ve added a couple of lines from the song for your enjoyment:

“Aunt Bee’s always yelling at Gomer / Aunt Bee has flabby thighs…”

The Songwriter’s Recipe was a success. Big thanks to everyone else who works tirelessly to bring Euphoria back to the community year after year.  To the songwriters, that was quite a show!