Sealevel Distributor in United Kingdom Launches New Site

March 13, 2012

ImpulseAdvances in digital communications and information technology has made the world we share a smaller place. A mere 25 years ago when I first began my career in industrial electronics, the mail was the primary method of transferring information such as purchase orders, technical manuals, and any other written information. Engineers usually searched for products using industry magazines and vendor catalogs. Product distributors were primarily valuable in the logistics of moving products from the manufacturer to the customer.

Everything changed of course with the advent of email and the internet. Today we live in an age where customers expect immediate response to their requests, and manufacturers must find a way to meet these expectations if they expect to be successful. Sealevel Systems, Inc. has worked very hard to provide our customers the easy ability to access information, place orders, and receive technical support using our website and other assets. However, even in this digital age, our most important asset is the people that make up our team.

A critical component of the Sealevel team is our network of international distributors we call SeaPartners. One of our longest standing and most successful SeaPartners is Impulse Corporation in the United Kingdom. The team at Impulse is well trained on Sealevel products and does a fantastic job of taking care of our customers in the U.K. with support and services that cannot be replaced by a website or an email. It has been my pleasure to see Impulse continue to grow successfully while we have worked together, and we appreciate the value they add to Sealevel’s products and support for our customers.

Impulse, our authorized Sealevel distributor in the U.K., recently launched a new website featuring intelligent product searches, the latest products and technologies, market-specific products, live chat and product certification. Visit Impulse and check out the Sealevel products available on our partner page.