Sealevel and Impulse in the UK

May 30, 2012

We have invited our international partners and distributors to contribute to our blog. Throughout the year, you will hear from the people who help us extend the Sealevel network around the world.

ImpulseDuring a highly successful relationship that has spanned over 10 years, Impulse and Sealevel have continued to develop and strengthen our brands together in the UK market.

Back in 1999, Impulse first put pen to paper on a distribution agreement which allowed us to distribute Sealevel’s innovative board level and distributed I/O products and solutions to our customers here in the UK. This was a major milestone for Impulse, as it allowed us to develop into a market that had previously been untapped due to lack of good product and service.

Since then, Impulse has become a leading name in Europe in the design, assembly and distribution of Industrial and Embedded Computing platforms and solutions, with an experienced System Integration team, fully qualified and Microsoft certified.

Now at the cutting edge of marketing in the Industrial Computing industry, Impulse is working closely with Sealevel to increase and promote the brand image of both companies in the UK. Here at Impulse we believe that joint marketing ventures between supplier and distributor can ultimately provide the most success. Getting product exposure and brand recognition is paramount in today’s market, and using the experience and knowledge of the product and industry that Sealevel can provide, undoubtedly proves invaluable.

We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with Sealevel in promoting their products and services. Their ethos and marketing methods compliment those of Impulse, and can only bolster an already successful relationship that we are confident will span many years to come.

About Impulse

Impulse, our authorized Sealevel distributed in the U.K., recently launched a new website featuring intelligent product searches, the latest products and technologies, market-specific products, live chat and product certification. Visit Impulse and check out the Sealevel products available on our partner page.