DAQFactory SCADA/HMI Software Simplifies Programming Sealevel I/O

May 16, 2014

Sealevel makes over 350 standard products and our customers range across numerous vertical markets including Medical, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Military, and Process Control. This diversity makes every day at Sealevel interesting.

I’m often amazed to see how our products can be applied to solve vastly different requirements. Usually, the main differentiator is the programming done for each particular use. An OEM developing a new product that they will market for the next 10 years is likely to dedicate one or more programmers to create a robust application in a high level language (e.g. C+, C#, or .Net).  This approach allows the most flexibility to design the software exactly as required to accomplish the application.

However, not all companies have the resources to dedicate software engineers to programming work. In manufacturing plants, Process Engineers and engineering technicians are often responsible for creating the systems needed for controlling and monitoring operations. For these time-strapped folks, using a “drag and drop” tool to create a SCADA or HMI application greatly simplifies their job.

Azeotech, an Oregon company, makes such a product — DAQFactory — and for years they have recommended Sealevel I/O products to their customers. DAQFactory works with all of our Modbus compatible products including the R3 rackmount computer with SeaRAQ expansion cards, SeaI/O, eI/O, and SeaDAC modules. DAQFactory provides powerful functionality for data acquisition, batch control, data logging, and real-time data display.

It is easy to create programs with the powerful HMI features built into DAQFactory. Users can choose from more than 40 GUI components to create screens with a variety of graphs, buttons, gauges, tables, etc. for displaying data from their process and interfacing user-controlled functions. Making changes with DAQFactory is simple and can be done on the fly without stopping the currently running application.

We are now offering a free trial version of DAQFactory on our software CD to make trying the software easier than ever. The trial version demonstrates the power of DAQFactory and can be easily upgraded to enable additional features depending on customer needs. To get a better understanding of how DAQFactory works, watch this video showing DAQFactory controlling a motor using a SeaI/O module.