Behind the Scenes: The Renaissance Man

August 12, 2014

Most people kGNews Pic Behind the Scenesnow Tom O’Hanlan as the CEO of Sealevel Systems, but what do you know about Tom O’Hanlan, the person? The Greenville News recently honored Tom as the Sunday Entrepreneur cover story and the headline referred to him as a modern day Renaissance Man.

Behind-the-Scenes-500A tree farmer, a musician, an avid outdoorsman, an author—the list goes on and on. Tom is constantly coming up with new ideas and pursuing new passions. All of these passions make for a very interesting story, and stories are something Tom is never short on. As Tom played his bass guitar and answered questions the mood was light and there were lots of laughs. Tom’s adventurous personality is something that can be seen in the culture here at Sealevel. The way he cares for his employees and the way he supports and gets involved in the local community says a lot about Tom and the legacy he wants to leave behind.

To read the whole story and to watch the video check out the Greenville News article, “Sealevel founder pursues many passions” .