SCBIO Conference Highlights South Carolina’s Thriving Biotechnology Industry

October 20, 2014

SCBIOAt Sealevel, we have the chance to work with customers from a variety of diverse vertical markets. The same Sealevel product used to help a customer pay for a car wash at a convenience store may also be used as an important part of an aircraft simulator. Through our interactions with our customers, we are able to learn more about these vertical markets and often the chance to participate in technological advances in those areas. Out of all the vertical markets we work in, none is more gratifying than the medical industry.

We have a number of customers that use Sealevel products in medical devices and services all over the world, and recently we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with several new applications close to home. Turns out that South Carolina is a thriving growth area for Biotechnology, and the companies and people making it happen were on display this week at the SCBIO conference in downtown Greenville.

SCBIO is the South Carolina affiliate of the national Biotechnology Industry Organization. The goal of the organization is to foster a positive business environment for start-up and existing life science companies in South Carolina by advocating for innovation-friendly policies and infrastructure that supports the industry’s growth. The group strives to build relationships among life science companies and forge links between researchers, investors and industry to advance the commercialization of research.

The event started with a “pitch contest” for startups sponsored by SCRA Applied Technologies, with the winner receiving a $2,500 prize. In between technical sessions we heard updates from the leaders of more developed local companies including KIYATEC, a pioneer in cancer diagnostics and CreatiVasc, an innovator in kidney dialysis treatment. Both of these companies are introducing breakthrough technology with the potential to make dramatic improvements in health care.

It is very encouraging to see the bright minds working in the Biotech area right here in the Upstate and to have the opportunity to work with some of these companies. Look for more information soon on how Sealevel is engaging to help further advancements in medical technology.