The Family Effect: A Mission to Save Children in the Upstate

December 17, 2014

Sealevel is committed to improving the Upstate community, especially when it comes to children. As our future leaders and innovators, it is important to do everything we can to provide them with the opportunities that will drive their success.

The welfare of vulnerable children is an important priority for us, and that’s why we’re excited to be involved in a groundbreaking project in Greenville.

The Family Effect is a unique organization. They are working hard to solve the tough problem of child neglect by going after the number one root cause — addiction in the family home. Just last year, the programs supported by The Family Effect brought treatment and hope to more than 1,100 families with 2,200 children.

The-Family-Effect-LogoThe Family Effect is raising funds to create the nation’s most comprehensive treatment center for young children affected by addicted parents — the Campaign for Serenity’s Children. The programming is evidence-based, and combines treatment for both the parents and children, to heal the whole family. One year after discharge, 83% of the program’s children are performing at grade level in a mainstream school, and the families are together and healthy.

I am fortunate to be on the Board of Directors for The Family Effect, and to have been a part of the group since its early days. It’s innovative work, because it gets closer to root cause than most other efforts. We respect that, and we invest in it — with our time and our dollars.

The holiday season is a time to give to others. Whether you give your time as a volunteer or make a donation, you can make profound impact on these children and our community.

Interested in learning more, or want to help? Check out The Family Effect at, or on Facebook.