12 Days of Techmas: Day 9 is Tile

December 18, 2014

Running late for work and can’t seem to find your keys? Christmas shopping at the mall and having trouble finding your car in the packed parking lot? Where did you put your wallet after you got in late last night? There are many things that we lose track of on a regular basis, and now there is a gadget to help us find them — Tile. This small device is definitely on our #Techmas wish list!


Tile works in conjunction with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and the Tile app — support for Android is coming soon. The device uses a Bluetooth signal to help you locate the item it is attached to. If the item is stolen or lost, you can report the item missing in your app. This will allow any Tile app on other devices to search for your Tile’s signal, and then alert your phone when another user is close to your item, allowing you to find it.

Why we love it:

  • Quickly find your misplaced items, either by using the location tracker or telling Tile to emit a sound
  • The app supports up to 8 Tiles so you can keep track of all of your important things
  • If real-time location information isn’t available, Tile tells you the last recorded location
  • It is small, water-resistant, and runs for up to one year — no batteries or charging needed
  • The gift guide offers great suggestions and DIY ideas for gifting Tile to friends and family
  • You can even use it to keep track of group members at large events or crowded locations

What would you attach Tile to? Follow us on Twitter and let us know!