12 Days of Techmas: Day 11 is Our Favorite Techcessories

December 22, 2014

Our 12 Days of #Techmas has featured some great gadgets that our Sealevel employees love to use, or want to see under their trees! For our 11th day of #Techmas, we want to talk about a few accessories that make our tech even better.

Sprng Clips: Designed specifically for Apple Earpods — clip them on and they hold your earpods in place while you are on the move.

“Since I enjoy running, I searched all over for the perfect solution to listening to great music without having to constantly put the earbud back in my ear. I tried everything from over-the-ear clips, earbuds with various sizes inserts for the ear, and even duct tape (okay, not really) and nothing provided the perfect combination of crisp highs and bass thumping lows…until I found the SPRNG clip,” says Eric Sikes of the Sealevel sales team. “The SPRNG clip installs on your existing Apple Earpods — in about 5 seconds — and comfortably holds them in place through just about any activity.”

olloclip: Tools and accessories for mobile photographers

More and more people are using their mobile device to capture their lives in photographs. olloclip offers lens attachments for Samsung phones and iPhones that allow you to take your mobile photography to the next level with lens options like fisheye, wide-angle, “selfie”, and more.

TaskOne G3: iPhone case with all the tools you need

This multi-tool phone case comes equipped with a serrated knife, sawblade, pliers, a ruler, spoke wrenches, a wire stripper, screwdrivers, kickstands, and more. It is the perfect gift for any adventurer, maker, or handyman in your life.


What techcessories make your life easier? Follow us on Twitter and let us know!