Sealevel National Convention 2016

October 17, 2016

Sealevel was proud to host our first Sealevel National Convention (SNC) in September. Our manufacturing representative partnerships are a relatively new sales component and this was a perfect opportunity to collaborate together and educate them on key differentiators. Reps came from across the United States and Canada to get to know Sealevel.

Sealevel president Ben O’Hanlan presented “The Art of the (COM Express) Deal” and explained the COM Express process from initial customer interaction through design and compliance to approval and production. Gary Peters of Meta Technical Sales and Randy Bloom of W5 Engineering shared details of their successful product development relationship with Sealevel, too. Following O’Hanlan’s presentation, Greg Harrison, a senior hardware engineer at Sealevel, provided information about our Next Generation SeaI/O product family and shared a technical overview of Modbus and FPGAs.

Bobby Richardson, director of operations, took visitors on a tour of our facility and provided details about our extensive in-house circuit assembly and test capabilities. After the tour, Tony Martin, Sealevel’s VP of engineering, presented key information on the Internet of Things (IoT) and introduced the current IoT projects at Sealevel, as well as products under development.

Katherine Elrod, marketing communications for Sealevel, shared the various marketing tactics that our in-house team employs and encouraged attending representatives to take advantage of available assets and partner for more collaborative marketing efforts. Concluding the business agenda, Earle Foster, senior VP of sales, presented current metrics and performance details and introduced five identified ecosystems for focus and development.

After a brief lunch break, conference participants along with the Sealevel sales staff enjoyed the BMW Driving Experience at the BMW Performance Center. Drivers followed an instructor along the intense off-road course, drove a variety of models around the track, and competed for best race time; Meta Technical Sales was our winner. At the conclusion, they were given the opportunity for the ride of a lifetime with a BMW driving instructor.

Attendees enjoyed time at the Sealevel facility as well as dining at premier locations around downtown Greenville. All of our team members brought their A game, serving as engaging and informative resources as well as accommodating hosts. Our first SNC was deemed a wonderful conference by all and we look forward to future opportunities to partner for mutual success.