Smart, Smarter, Smartest: IoT Devices Abound

October 10, 2017

Pragmatic solutions for frustrating issues tend to drive technology discovery. However, once a technology hits mainstream markets, solutions abound, especially for problems that people didn’t even know they had. Internet of Things technology is no exception to this trend. Below are six IoT products that take innovation beyond Alexa and Nest.

  1.  Noke Bike LockThis bicycle lock is the extra any cyclist needs in her life. Boasting features like timed access, backup security features and all-weather durability, the Noke U-Lock is available for pre-order at $149.99. Unlocked via smartphone, its main selling point is no key frustration. Owners will never pay for a locksmith to free their bicycle. Even if a phone gets left at the bar, a touchpad customized with your code can let you in. If keyless is too complicated, don’t worry: for an extra $24.99, you can get a fob.
  2. June Oven — The kitchen just got friendlier to spouses trying to impress the in-laws. Programmed with adaptive cooking technology and connected via an iOS smartphone, the June oven can be operated and monitored remotely. It can be preset to cook an item just the way Grandma likes it. If only June could prepare the food, too.
  3. FlickTek Wearable Gesture — Smartwatches added a whole new dimension of connection to our lives. This clippable tech takes that one step farther. Detecting finger movements and assigning them jobs, it communicates with and controls smart watches and phones. Called “smart gestures,” these movements can be as simple as a finger flick or as complicated as a pinch and pull. Scrolling through messages and getting things done just went from easy to muscle memory.
  4. Kolibree Smart Toothbrush — Touted as a “new era in oral care,” the Ara toothbrush aims to clean up daily routines. It collects data on brushing habits, including frequency, duration, intensity and area. It can even include your dentist by sending weekly e-mail reports that summarize and analyze results. Who needs parents when Ara is around?
  5. Smart Dog Collar — If Fido tends to escape, he might need the Kyon collar, which has a GPS tracker on it. If the collar goes outside a designated 300ft2 wireless perimeter, the smartphone connected app will send an alert and display Fido’s location on a map. If a stranger finds him, his collar can be used to get his home address and vet. Kyon collects helpful stats too, like temperature and…mood? So if Fido feels down, Kyon will tell his owner to give some snuggles.
  6. Smart Piggy Bank — The Porkfolio will inspire any 21st century kid to start saving. Connected to a private-labeled smartphone app, this piggy bank tracks the money inserted in its slots. Savers can see exactly what they’ve got without ever taking a hammer to poor little piggy. Porky himself is equipped with an accelerometer so any shenanigans at this financial institution will be reported toot sweet!