Thankful Thursday: Fostering Great Ideas

November 30, 2017

While our products may be used across the nation and world (even outer space), we humbly acknowledge the importance of Sealevel Month of Givingour local framework. We hope to express our deep appreciation through a “month of giving” to Liberty, Pickens and Greenville area organizations.

This month, we are sponsoring five organizations particularly in need for the fall/winter season: Liberty Area Schools, Fostering Great Ideas, Pickens County Meals on Wheels and United Christian Ministries. This is the third and fourth profile as part of our “Thankful Thursday” series.

If you’re nearby and want to donate, feel free to bring your donations by our plant or deliver directly to these organizations. If getting gifts to these groups isn’t feasible for you, please join us in the spirit of philanthropy by giving to a local charity of your choice. Tag your donations with #monthofgiving and we’ll celebrate your generosity!

Fostering Great Ideas

Donations: New & Gently Used Suitcases, New & Gently Used Stuffed Bears

When a child must leave their home, it is most often done in haste and caused by a traumatic experience. Belongings go into trash bags that may follow them around for months or years. Having a dedicated suitcase to use in their transitions makes these traumatic events easier. Our company president, Ben O’Hanlan, explains, “The suitcase donation is intended to help bring a bit of dignity to the child whose life has just been turned upside down.”

Operation Bear Hug is another program designed to help these children. Kids in the foster care system face tough times head on, but having a huggable bear can make it easier. Please bring in stuffed bears so you can give a child a hug when they need it most.