The Connected Thanksgiving Dinner – Internet of Turkey

November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving is only days away! With a shopping app, you sync recipes you’ve selected online or have stored on your mobile device. The app combines quantities of ingredients that appear in multiple recipes and auto converts measurements made in foreign metrics.

With your mobile device, you scan the barcodes of ingredients you have at home or speak the name of ingredients to your shopping assistant. You measure those ingredients with your smart scale, which syncs to the shopping app and allows it to filter out the quantities of ingredients you already have.

Full and accurate shopping list in hand, you send it to your favorite online ordering service. After reviewing your order, you make your purchase with a single click. Left with plenty of time and no need to leave the house, you begin your cleaning regimen.

On Thanksgiving Day, with groceries having arrived at your doorstep the night before, you activate your robot vacuum to clean floors while you prep the turkey. Gathering ingredients for stuffing, you remember a visiting relative has a food allergy. But not all is lost, your digital assistant – connected to your refrigerator and pantry – suggests a substitution based on what you have on hand.

Once the stuffing and turkey are ready, you place it in your smart oven. The oven’s sensors identify the turkey and its weight and it then auto sets the temperature and cook time. You continue making dinner with no worries, knowing the turkey will be cooked to perfection.

Your sweet potato souffle is an old recipe, passed down from your grandmother. You take a photo of the handwritten recipe on your mobile device, which uses an app to convert the writing to digital text. You sync the recipe to your digital assistant, which reads off the recipe’s steps as you need them.

As you add more items to the oven, sensors detect the new dishes and adjust temperature and cooking time accordingly. For peace of mind, you track the status of each dish via the oven’s app on your mobile device. The app sounds an alert when each dish is done, so you don’t have to worry about timers or forget about removing an item.

The doorbell rings as you’re finishing dessert. The camera in your smart doorbell connects to your mobile device and allows you to see your family outside. Your smart lock is connected to your digital assistant, and you let your guests inside through a simple voice command.

An alert from the oven tells you the turkey is finished. With its job complete, the oven turns itself off. Dinner is served without a hitch! And when your guests leave for the night, you load your smart dishwasher knowing its sensors will detect the load and amount of grime. You get to rest knowing your dishes will come out clean and all your hard work is done.

Days later, you’re tired of Thanksgiving leftovers and wishing you made less food. Sensors in your refrigerator detect which items are about to expire, and an app suggests recipes to turn your turkey and green bean casserole into soup, pot pie, or frittata. You continue to enjoy leftovers and know nothing will go to waste.

Thanksgiving dinner is truly easier with the Internet of Things!