Soil & Water Plus IoT Equals Greener Gardening

December 30, 2019

From people who love gardening to those that have no green thumb to speak of, IoT can provide a helpful boost.

Plant Monitoring

Placed in an outdoor garden, the Edyn sensor measures factors such as soil moisture, nutrition, temperature, humidity and light. Based on sensor data, an app offers suggestions as to which plants would grow best in the specific soil and climate. The app also sends alerts when the garden needs watering or fertilization. For even more remote care, a special version of Edyn can be connected to a watering system to water the garden automatically.

For indoor plants, the Parrot Flower Power sensor measures similar factors to Edyn. The sensor’s app sends alerts when a plant needs more water, sunlight or fertilizer. It will also give warning if the plant has been placed in too warm or too cold an area. Parrot makes a smart flowerpot that, in addition to measuring and reporting the same factors as the sensor, will water the plant automatically.

For those who want an indoor herb or lettuce garden, a countertop Click & Grow Smart Garden does the gardening on its own. The system monitors and waters the plants as well as automatically sets its LED lights for optimal photosynthesis. Soil nutrition is taken care of by pre-made soil pods. The only hands-on care needed is to occasionally refill the system’s water reservoir.

Air Purification

In addition to being grown for food or aesthetics, plants can filter air, and there are smart systems for that too. NATEDE is a flowerpot and air filter in one. The filter works by sending air to the plant’s roots and speeding up the natural purification process. The pot has a reservoir that waters the plant. An app can be used to monitor the air quality of the room where the plant sits.

Naava Smart Green Walls are “living walls” of plants that filter air and provide a backdrop of nature to an indoor space. Air circulation to the plant’s roots and special pre-made soil are used to filter air. The water, fan and lighting of the wall unit adjust automatically to optimize filtration. The company monitors each wall unit remotely to ensure it works correctly and the plants remain healthy.

For people pressed for time or prone to accidentally killing their plants, IIoT makes plant growing simple. Improving indoor air quality at the same time is an amazing bonus.