Supporting Military Test & Measurement Applications

March 16, 2022

Mission critical communications: perhaps nowhere is this term more applicable than in the military and aerospace industry. Across land, sea, air and space, equipment must reliably perform as designed or incite disastrous consequences. Ensuring consistent operation happens as part of test and measurement, well in advance of live deployment. Therefore the designated test and measurement interfaces must also conform to those high-reliability standards.
A comprehensive test plan incorporates not only hardware but also software, with the intent of dramatically reducing or eliminating field errors. Beyond safety and performance, this extensive test and measurement process reduces costs associated with damaged equipment.

Four Applications for Test & Measurement in Defense

Military & Aerospace Diagnostics

Ethernet Modbus TCP to 96 Channel TTL Digital Interface Kit - 462E + (2) CA237 Cables

Sealevel partners with a company that performs design, test and maintenance work for helicopter and integrated air and missile defense systems. This industry leader supports all branches of the United States armed forces. Currently, they are designing a test system that will be deployed at military bases nationwide to diagnose aircraft and missiles in the field. Their requirements include a large mix of I/O that is driven by a server rack and then used for mixed-signal RF testing. Specifically, they need to monitor digital inputs and also have a need for analog inputs as well as TTL outputs to control a radio frequency filter. The company is evaluating a variety of Sealevel Ethernet and expansion modules including the SeaI/O 462E-KT, 470N, 440N and 462N-KT.

Flight Software Testing

A developer of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and RF simulation systems works with defense contractors to provide test systems for flight software. These test systems enable extensive, controlled testing prior to expensive field testing, reducing associated costs and time. For serial expansion within the test systems, they rely on a variety of Sealevel USB to serial products.

Simulating Weapons Systems

Embedded High Speed 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Battery Charging Downstream Ports

A Sealevel customer is a recognized contractor and integrator for a variety of programs including systems engineering, software development, hardware engineering, test and evaluation and tactical range support. Rather than firing live rounds in training exercises, their evaluation systems allow users to test weapon systems in flight by simulating the firing of weaponry. The company relies on Sealevel’s SeaLINK 2823-OEM serial adapter and HUB4PH-OEM embedded USB hub for integration within the simulation system.

Military Ballistics Testing

USB to 1-Port Isolated RS-422, RS-485, RS-530 DB25 Serial Interface Adapter

A designer and OEM of shock-hardened DAQ solutions has a complete evaluation system for military ballistics testing. The system measures the complex shock environment that weapon systems commonly experience during projectile ignition. Interior and exterior ballistic research enables data collection during the detonation. Sealevel’s 2104 USB serial adapter is implemented in a converter system to transmit test data to the host PC.
Sealevel’s in-house team has direct experience with designing and manufacturing hardware, and software, to support military and aerospace test and measurement applications. Contact us today to discuss COTS, ready-to-ship products as well as customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.