Component Software Helps Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions

January 17, 2023

SiliconExpert is one of the major resources that Sealevel utilizes throughout the product development life cycle. In a nutshell, SiliconExpert is a software platform that provides an electronic components database with deep insights across more than a billion parts from more than 20,000 electronic distributors and suppliers. The software helps mitigate risks, avoid redesigns, and save time. 

Improving Supply Chain Response with Software

According to Brandon Hansen, the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Sealevel Systems. Inc., employing SiliconExpert has dramatically improved the company’s ability to adapt and manage the rapidly changing supply lines. 

“In the past,” said Hansen, “we never had real issues with component obsolescence. We could design something and even though a part may technically be obsolete, it would still be widely available. The current state of the electronic component market makes it much more difficult to source even non-obsolete components. SiliconExpert helps us be more informed during the product design and development process. It gives us instant access to data, projections, and analysis for electronic and mechanical components.”

Specifically, SiliconExpert maintains up-to-date data on over 1 billion components, including cross-references, lifecycle, parametric, obsolescence forecasts, regulation compliance, and inventory data. The software tracks more than 20 regulations and attributes pertaining to compliance including REACH, RoHS, Rare Earth Minerals, WEEE, Halogen Free, Lead-Free Status, China RoHS, and more. 

On top of compiling data, SiliconExpert also has robust projection and forecasting tools. Working with the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering department, SiliconExpert has developed a predictive risk analysis & obsolescence algorithm that includes both short and long-term analysis of individual part discontinuance. Further, the platform actively tracks geopolitical (such as the Russia/Ukraine conflict) and natural catastrophe incidents (such as a Tsunami or earthquake) that affect both upstream and downstream supply chains. Combining these factors, SiliconExpert builds a holistic view of the global supply chain and allows users to manage and mitigate risks. 

Benefits for Sealevel – and Customers

In short, SiliconExpert allows Sealevel to make informed, data-driven decisions concerning component selection for products – standard and custom. The vast amount of data provided by SiliconExpert ensures that Sealevel products are designed and manufactured efficiently. The forecasting tools, combined with a commitment to made-in-the USA products, have enabled Sealevel to thrive during supply chain turbulence and to deliver quality solutions for customers.