Automation: Mitigating Risks Through Manufacturing Monitoring


A Sealevel customer specializes in petrochemical manufacturing. They found that employees, when working with machinery, often used their instincts rather than depending on reliable data. Unintentionally, they created risk of process manufacturing failure, contributing to machine damage. Equipment would be left running for prolonged periods, sometimes resulting in catastrophic results due to overheating.

Our client approached us seeking a solution that would remove human interference and improve preventative maintenance procedures. They requested a system with continual, accurate reporting that could help appropriately schedule machinery servicing.

Key Application Requirements

  • Monitor voltage to determine a machine’s operational status and duration
  • Interface with sensors to monitor temperature
  • Record data for analysis
  • Alert via text message when temperature thresholds are exceeded

The Sealevel Solution

The Sealevel engineering team customized a SeaConnect 370 IoT edge device to interface with voltage detection sensors that monitor each machine’s performance. The standard SeaConnect 370 features an onboard 1-Wire Bus, easily satisfying temperature sensing needs. By pairing the SeaConnect 370 devices with a private-labeled version of Sealevel SeaCloud software, the customer created configurable alerts and kept historical data readily available for analysis.

With significant experience in critical communications solutions, Sealevel is uniquely qualified to understand the importance of reliable, accurate results. With few modifications to a standard product, our engineers delivered a complete system that increased efficiency, improved preventative maintenance processes and – most importantly – avoided devastating performance failures.