Cold Chain Monitoring: Keeping It Cool & Ensuring FSMA Compliance


Sealevel met representatives from a company that delivers fresh produce throughout the United States. They immediately expressed interest in the SeaConnect 370 as a tool for automated temperature monitoring in the refrigerated trucks (reefers) used to transport fruit and vegetables. The FDA has specific stipulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for maintaining temperature and customers that use the transport company request verification at times, too.

Sealevel’s customer approached several vendors for a cold chain monitoring solution but kept hitting roadblocks. Some manufacturers required use of their proprietary software while others were just too expensive.


The Sealevel Solution

The Sealevel engineering team connected a series of temperature sensors to a SeaConnect 370 and modified the data flow to interface with the customer’s existing database infrastructure. The SeaConnect 370C features cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing the device to connect via cell service when necessary and via the customer’s existing Wi-Fi network when available. With minimal modifications, the Sealevel team quickly provided a reliable, affordable solution that acts as a cold chain reliability data logger, ensuring food safety monitoring and compliance.