Next-Generation Control for the Future of Energy


One of the primary suppliers of energy worldwide selected Sealevel to design and manufacture the next generation of their controller for gas and wind turbines. The design dictated robust I/O capabilities and flexibility to meet a wide variety of application requirements. Additionally, the system needed the ability to withstand environmental extremes and meet rigorous compliance certifications. The design would also be software heavy: the firmware would need to be completely compatible with client software and allow for future configurability.

This Sealevel partner provides one-third of the world’s energy.

The Solution

In addition to these requirements, Sealevel was required to maintain and enact further protocols for an enhanced security posture across cyber, device, and physical conditions. Beyond Sealevel’s already comprehensive security tactics, the company actively engaged in a dedicated cyber hardening initiative to further secure our systems. And for the device itself, failsafe backups were strategically integrated – and firmware allowances to protect against future threats were predesigned.

COM Express Type 6 Carrier Board & Complete System

  • (6) and (12) Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Thunderbolt Port for USB-SS, PCIe, and DisplayPort
  • USB Debug Serial Console
  • Wide Input DC Power
  • -40°C to +70°C Operating Temperature