Smart Cities

Phones, cars, cities. They're all getting smarter. Shouldn't you? Let us help you get there faster with custom-designed hardware, application-specific cloud instances, and I/O that enable continual access and control.

Smarter Solutions for Smart Cities

SeaConnect edge devices allow users to remotely monitor and control real-world processes and trigger actions with SeaCloud, a cloud-based, built-in event applications. Ideal for a variety of applications, Sealevel’s standard and custom IIoT products offer all-inclusive solutions that successfully enhance existing systems.

Out of the box and into smart city applications; from agriculture to signs to wastewater treatment, Sealevel engineers are designing solutions for tomorrow’s future.

Sealevel engineers have designed smart city solutions with software every bit as good as our hardware. And our hardware is good. Very good.

Featured Products

SeaCloud Cellular

SeaCloud Subscription for Cellular & Wi-Fi SeaConnect Devices, Includes LTE Cellular 25MB Data Plan

SeaConnect 370C

SeaConnect 370C LTE Cellular IIoT Edge Device

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SeaConnect 370W

SeaConnect 370W Wi-Fi IIoT Edge Device

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SeaConnect QuickStart Module

SeaConnect 370 QuickStart Demonstration Module, Wiring Harness and Battery Pack

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SeaCloud Wi-Fi

SeaCloud Subscription for Wi-Fi SeaConnect Devices

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SeaConnect 370: Agriculture Automation

A major US city tasked a farming cooperative with ending a regional food desert, which is an area lacking access to groceries and fresh produce. The co-op built multiple “urban farms” using a hydroponic system, and the farms needed to minimize water usage based on water consumption regulations. Since the project was grant-funded, it had a tight budget. By combining SeaConnect hardware and SeaCloud software, the farm achievied its goals. Crop yield increased and operational costs decreased, helping eradicate the food desert.

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Rainwater Harvesting Expands with IoT

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting, storing, purifying and conveying rainwater. Rainwater harvesting is cost efficient and conserves water and energy. Collecting rainwater reduces…

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