Feeling like a fish out of water when it comes to digital management of your assets? Let Sealevel’s SeaConnect hardware and SeaCloud software breathe new life into your approach.

Remote monitoring and digital reporting on are on the rise across the water management industry. Our proven IIoT hardware and software solutions are reinventing how companies approach efficiency and predictive maintenance.

Companies across the water industry – from wastewater to fresh – are utilizing remote monitoring, real-time alerts and historical data to improve performance and meet regulatory specifications.

Sealevel’s application and design engineers look forward to discussing solutions that meet your day-to-day needs as well as tools to address overall challenges facing your business including 

  • System failures
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Regulatory compliance

Featured Products

SeaConnect 370W

SeaConnect 370W Wi-Fi IIoT Edge Device

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SeaCloud Cellular

SeaCloud Subscription for Cellular & Wi-Fi SeaConnect Devices, Includes LTE…

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USB to 1-Port RS-485 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter

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eI/O AIO-8

Ethernet to 8 A/D, 2 Optically Isolated Dry Contact Inputs,…

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Ethernet Modbus TCP to 32 Isolated Dry-Contact Inputs

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Under Pressure: An Alternative to Telemetry for Monitoring Water Pressure

Monitoring is making its way into industries at a more rapid pace than ever before – and even companies that aren’t new to the technology are seeking improvements. Water treatment centers and supply chains carefully monitor the balance between weak and waterfall. By digitally transforming systems, they can ensure pressure levels are maintained and quickly respond to potential issues, mitigating disaster.

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From wide-temperature industrial computers, to I/O intensive fetal monitoring systems, our team continues to develop solutions for unique problems across industries and platforms.