Compact USB Digital I/O Solutions Include SeaLATCH Locking USB Connector

April 25, 2007

Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces the SeaDAC Lite family of USB digital I/O solutions offering system designers a compact, low-cost alternative for interfacing any USB equipped computer with real-world signals. The first two SeaDAC Lite products feature four optically isolated inputs and four Reed relays outputs (Item# 8111) or Form C relay outputs (Item# 8112). For maximum reliability, all SeaDAC Lite products include Sealevel’s patent-pending SeaLATCH locking USB connector design to prevent accidental cable disconnection.

SeaDAC Lite modules are perfect for a wide variety of applications including process control, facility management, security, and broadcast automation. The optically isolated inputs protect the host computer from damaging voltage transients and ground loops commonly found in industrial and OEM applications. The 8111’s SPST Reed relays are rated to 500mA, and the 8112 uses high-current SPDT Form C relays to switch up to 6A loads. To simplify installation and troubleshooting, status LEDs display I/O activity and USB connection information. All SeaDAC Lite modules are powered by the USB connection to the host computer.

SeaDAC Lite modules are housed in rugged plastic enclosures ideal for mounting on walls, under counters, or inside equipment panels. For easy software integration, application programs or 3rd party software can use Sealevel’s SeaMAX library or industry-standard Modbus protocol. A variety of helpful diagnostic utilities and sample programs are included.

Standard SeaDAC Lite modules operate between 0°C to 70°C and designers can special-order extended temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) modules.