Control 32 Channels of TTL Digital I/O with One USB Connection

October 10, 2007

“We are seeing an increase in the use of USB in industrial and test/measurement I/O applications”, says Earle Foster, VP Sales and Marketing at Sealevel Systems.

“So, the new SeaDAC Lite 8126 digital interface adapter is aligned perfectly with the needs of our customers. With this new addition to the SeaDAC Lite line, customers can use a single USB connection to control and monitor up to 32 channels of buffered drive TTL digital I/O,” Foster stated.

The SeaDAC Lite 8126 addresses the 32 channels of I/O as four eight-bit ports, each programmable as input or output. A 50-pin header connects the module to industry-standard solid-state relay racks to provide PC-based control of equipment including sensors, switches, security control systems, and industrial automation systems.

The product is available in three form factors:

  • 8126 is an external device housed in the SeaDAC Lite rugged plastic case
  • 8126-OEM is an embeddable board with standoffs
  • 8126-KT is an iPorthole kit version. iPorthole is a standardized mounting method for interfacing real-world I/O connections. Sealevel Relio R2000 and R3000 industrial computers include iPorthole mounting options and customers can design iPorthole into their enclosures to for maximum I/O flexibility.

The SeaDAC Lite 8126 is powered by the USB bus. The standard operating temperature range is 0°C to 70°C; extended temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) is optional.

SeaMAX software drivers and utilities included with the product make installation easy for Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems. Additionally, customers can build third-party applications using the SeaMAX API.

The SeaDAC Lite 8126 includes the SeaLATCH USB port that prevents accidental cable disconnection when used with the included SeaLATCH USB cable. The SeaLATCH USB cable incorporates a metal thumbscrew that provides a secure connection to the SeaLATCH port on the device, which is fully compatible with standard USB cables.

The SeaDAC Lite 8126 has a lifetime warranty that is standard on all Sealevel manufactured I/O products. “Can you name a company in the computer-related industry that offers a lifetime warranty on its products?” asks Foster. He continued, “It’s very simple: we’re proud of our products and we value our customers. So our warranty reflects our values: we stand behind our quality and our customers…for a lifetime.”