Sealevel Systems Featured in Global System Integrator Report

January 18, 2022

Sealevel Systems, Inc. is featured in the Global System Integrator Report from Control Engineering. Sealevel’s article “Convergence or Overlap? Understanding the IT/OT Relationship” was selected for the cover story for the December 2021 edition. The article highlights the benefits of information technology (IT) principles as they apply to operational technology (OT), specifically in cyberattack prevention and response.

“Until recent decades, operational technology (OT), which involves the monitoring and controlling of physical machinery and equipment, was manually managed by human workers. As information technology (IT) relies on computers for operation, its integration into cybersecurity has been swift compared to OT. With the increasing number of industrial systems connected to the internet, OT is vulnerable to cyberattacks and stands to benefit from IT experience. Examples of OT systems include public services like power, water treatment or transportation applications. Cyberattacks on these systems can have devastating results.”

To read the complete article, download the article PDF below or click here to view the story online.

Download “Convergence or Overlap? Understanding the IT/OT Relationship”