Landmark of China Joins SeaPARTNER Network

January 20, 2010

Sealevel Systems is pleased to announce Landmark — a Chinese system integrator, distributor and OEM of embedded computer systems and associated products — has joined the SeaPartner network. Established in 1998, Landmark covers the growing Chinese marketplace with four offices: Beijing (North China), Wuhan (Middle China), Shanghai (East China), Chengdu (Southwest). The company serves the growing Chinese markets of telecom, medical, power energy field, petroleum and petrochemicals, railway transportation, factory automation, shipbuilding, and military and government.

“Landmark is a great fit for Sealevel Systems products because Landmark has proven success in supplying high-end control and automation products to the Chinese marketplace. Sealevel is looking to expand into Chinese companies where quality, reliability and technical support are key factors, rather than those supplying cheaper products that don’t meet our requirements,” said James Priest, Sealevel’s international sales manager.

Sealevel’s international partners, known as SeaPartners, are part of an exclusive worldwide group who has earned the right to distribute Sealevel products. For their expertise and dedication, Sealevel guarantees top-quality products, full-service support, and online access to everything their partners need for success.