New 8-Port USB to Serial Adapters

November 1, 2006

Systems, Inc. announces two additions to the popular SeaLINK® USB-to-serial product line, the SeaLINK+8/232.RJ and the SeaLINK+8.VC. Offering eight independent serial ports, SeaLINK+8 devices are the perfect way to connect RS-232 and RS-485 peripherals such as barcode scanners, serial displays, and data acquisition modules to any USB port.

The serial ports on each SeaLINK+8 appear as standard COM ports to the host computer enabling compatibility with legacy software. All Sealevel SeaLINK USB serial adapters use a state-machine architecture that greatly reduces the host computer’s overhead when communicating over multiple ports simultaneously. Data rates up to 921.6K bps are supported, and the SeaLINK+8.VC includes Sealevel’s exclusive VersaCom connector design that allows RS-232/485 selectivity through cabling. Simply choose the appropriate pin out for RS-232 or two-wire RS-485 on each individual port. There is never a need to open the enclosure to set internal jumpers or switches, so field installation and service are easy. Status LEDs for displaying transmit and receive data activity are included to assist in troubleshooting.

SeaLINK+8 products are housed in durable plastic enclosures and include a high-retention USB type B connector that prevents accidental disconnection of the USB cable. Both models are USB bus-powered, so no external power supply is needed. For conveniently powering serial peripherals, ordering options allow connecting an external power source via a DC jack on the rear of the unit. The supplied power is fused and connected to pin 5 on each of the eight RJ45 connectors.

Each SeaLINK+8 product ships with Sealevel’s SeaCOM® full suite of Windows drivers. Also included is WinSSD, a full-featured application providing powerful testing and diagnostic capabilities. Use WinSSD for BERT (Bit Error Rate Testing), throughput monitoring, loopback tests, and transmit test pattern messages. In addition to Windows drivers and utilities, SeaCOM includes drivers, utilities, and application notes to simplify installations in DOS, QNX, and LINUX.

Standard operating temperature range for SeaLINK products is 0°C to 70°C, and extended temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) models are available. Like all Sealevel I/O products, each SeaLINK+8 is backed by a lifetime warranty.