New Low Profile PCI Express Board Adds Digital Inputs & Outputs

July 28, 2011

Sealevel Systems. Inc. introduces the DIO-16-LPCIe low profile PCI Express digital I/O interface adapter. The DIO-16-LPCIe provides 8 optically isolated inputs and 8 Reed relay outputs, perfect for a variety of monitoring and control applications. Sealevel PCIe serial and digital I/O boards are PCI Express X1 compliant and will work in any PCIe slot. Software for standard PCI boards will also work with PCI Express boards, simplifying your transition to this next-generation bus.

The non-polarized, isolated inputs on the DIO-16-LPCIe are rated for 3-30VDC and protect the PC and other sensitive equipment from voltage spikes and ground loop currents that are common to industrial environments. The outputs provide high quality, long-life, dry contact switch closures suitable for switching up to 500mA. The Reed relays are normally open and close when energized. Sealevel software drivers and utilities make installation and operation easy using Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The 8012e is for use in low profile PCI Express slots. If you have a standard size PCI Express slot, order the Item# 8012se. Like all Sealevel I/O products, the DIO-16-LPCIe is backed by a lifetime warranty.