New Low Profile PCI Synchronous Serial Interface Adapter

October 30, 2007

“Sealevel Systems has long been a leader in serial products,” states Earle Foster, VP Sales and Marketing at Sealevel. “So it was natural to extend our product line with the new ACB-MP.LPCI low profile PCI adapter.”

The single-channel synchronous serial interface can be configured for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, RS-530, RS-530A, or V.35 communication protocols. The ACB-MP.LPCI is capable of data rates to 128K bps making it an ideal solution for DDS (digital data service), military applications, and banking communications.

The ACB-MP.LPCI meets the requirements for the MD1 “Low Profile” specification as defined by PCI-SIG in PCI 2.2 “Low Profile Addendum”. This allows the ACB-MP.LPCI to be used in a variety of systems, including low profile servers, network appliances, and desktop computers that do not have standard size PCI slots. Designed for compatibility with legacy and new computer systems, the ACB-MP.LPCI also features a Universal Bus (3.3 and 5.0V) as required by PCI-SIG specifications 2.3.

Software support, critical for successful synchronous communication implementation, is provided through Sealevel?s SeaMAC V4 driver. SeaMAC supports a variety of protocols under Windows 2000/XP including HDLC, SDLC, and various bisync, monosync, and raw (bit-shifter) modes. Clocking is selectable using the internal baud rate generator, an external source, or a clock-encoded data stream. Standard Win32 API functions are supported.

As an added value, customers also receive WinSSD, a full-featured diagnostic application providing powerful testing and diagnostic capabilities. Use WinSSD for BERT (Bit Error Rate Testing), throughput monitoring, loopback tests, and transmit test pattern messages.

All Sealevel manufactured I/O products are covered by a lifetime warranty.