SeaISO UL Recognized, Medical-Grade USB Isolators Protect Connected USB Devices

August 6, 2015


  • Protects host and field equipment from ground loops, damaging surges and transients
  • UL Recognized in accordance with EN60601-1 3rd Edition requirements
  • Features medical-grade 4 kV isolation, data and power
  • Powered by USB host connection; supports energy transfer with isolation
  • Maximum of 1.1 A output current when connected to a high-power USB port
  • Provides 300 mA to downstream USB devices when connected to standard 500 mA USB port
  • Provides 500 mA to downstream USB devices when connected to 1 A USB port
  • Supported in Microsoft Windows, Linux and other USB aware operating systems

Sealevel announces the SeaISO family of USB isolators with 4 kV of medical-grade optical isolation between the host computer and connected USB equipment. SeaISO USB isolators are UL Recognized, in accordance with EN60601-1 3rd Edition, and protect both the power and data lines of connected USB devices from harmful ground loops, damaging transients and surges commonly found in commercial, industrial and medical environments.

Each SeaISO USB isolator is USB bus powered, eliminating the need for external power. The efficient DC/DC design allows greater energy transfer over the isolation barrier than similar USB isolator designs. Up to 300 mA is available to a downstream USB device when the isolator is connected to a standard 500 mA USB port. Additionally, a full 500 mA is available to a downstream device when connected to a USB port capable of sourcing 1 A, or greater.

Supported in Microsoft Windows, Linux, and other USB aware operating systems, SeaISO USB isolators require no separate drivers and are easy to install. Simply plug an isolator into an available USB port, and it is automatically recognized as a generic USB hub device. The isolators are USB 2.0 compatible devices and connect to the host over a high-speed link while featuring full-speed (12 Mbps) data rates to connected downstream USB devices.

SeaISO USB isolators are available in three versions. The ISO-1 is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure with mounting ears and includes removable cables. Convenient high-retention USB connectors prevent accidental cable disconnections. The ISO-1R is a military-grade overmolded cable “bump” design for rugged environments. The ISO-1-OEM is a small circuit board ideal for embedding into hardware applications that require USB isolation. Standard operating temperature range is -20°C to 60°C, and like all Sealevel I/O products, SeaISO USB isolators are backed by a lifetime warranty.