Sealevel Achieves ISO-9001:2000 Certification!

February 10, 2003

As further evidence to Sealevel’s commitment to total customer satisfaction, the company’s Quality Management System has achieved registration to ISO 9001:2000. This provides one of the strongest assurances of product/service quality available.

“Registration to ISO 9001 means that the proper processes and business practices are in place to ensure customer satisfaction. This promise is backed by Sealevel’s exclusive Lifetime Warranty on every product sold”, says Sealevel’s Chief Operating Officer, Meena Balakrishnan.

Certification to ISO 9001 was achieved after a comprehensive audit conducted by the Quality Management Institute (QMI), North America’s largest management system registrar. The successful completion of the audit verifies that Sealevel’s quality systems are robustly designed and implemented throughout the entire organization including design, sales, customer support, and operational activities.