Sealevel Offers 4 New Variations on ACC-188 USB Synchronous Serial Radio Adapters

April 21, 2010

Sealevel recently launched four new variations to the ACC-188 USB synchronous serial radio adapter family. When combined with free software from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the ACC-188 provides an interoperable, high-speed tactical data communications solution for tactical radios to send and receive IP data such as email, text messages, GPS maps, images, and coordinates.

The ACC-188 solution is compatible with these radios and all variants:

• PSC-5D
• PRC-152
• PRC-150
• PRC-148
• PRC-117F
• RF5800
• ARC-231
• ARC-234
• ARC-210
• PRC-117G
• PRC-119
• DMR Radios
• KY-99A

The ACC-188 operates in conjunction with standard PDA-184 software developed by and available from DISA. The PDA-184 software provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows radio users to transmit and receive a variety of data types at much higher speeds than is possible with comparable, proprietary solutions.

A key advantage of the ACC-188 is that it enables interoperability among the various radio brands and models used by the defense community. The ACC-188 is compatible with any tactical radio that has a synchronous communication port using MIL-STD-188-184. This includes the most prevalent brands and models deployed by the U. S. military.

The PDA-184 tactical data communications application was developed by and is available from DISA and includes these features:

• Saves thousands of dollars per radio compared to upgrading hardware and purchasing expensive proprietary software
• Interoperable (send/receive data with different radio models and brands)
• Implements MIL-STD-188-184 Data Waveform
• High-speed data throughput
• Easy-to-use Java-based GUI
• Runs in Microsoft Windows XP or 2000

The cable and integrated assembly consists of a printed circuit board that is tested and then encapsulated using an over-mold process, commonly called a bump in the cable. This process results in a rugged, fully-shielded, battlefield ready product capable of withstanding harsh environments. One end of the cable includes a standard type-A USB connector, suitable for use with any USB enabled computer, while the other end connects to your tactical radio.