Agriculture is shifting towards precision farming, a data-driven approach utilizing automated processes, driven by smart devices and autonomous vehicles. Sealevel is the perfect partner to help you gather and act on data. Our team specializes in automation, rugged embedded computing, IoT, and unmanned and autonomous systems.

Precision Agriculture

Agriculture is fundamentally changing. As the world population continues to increase, so does the demand for food and agricultural products. Along with the increase in demand, population growth leads to a decline in the overall amount of arable land. These conditions have given rise to precision agriculture, a farm management method that uses technology and data to generate insights to make better decisions and automate practices to increase agricultural productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Precision agriculture consists of some combination of:

Internet of Things (IoT)
Hardware and Software

These devices are equipped with sensors placed in fields to gather and transmit data on temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, sunlight, and soil moisture.

A Cloud-Based Analysis
and Control Platform

All of the data gathered by IoT devices can be analyzed and manipulated in a cloud-based platform, that allows for the automation and deployment of autonomous vehicles or robots.

Autonomous Vehicles and
Unmanned Systems

Autonomous vehicles, autonomous machinery, and robots allow much of the agricultural labor to be automated, reducing the cost and liability of farming.

Sealevel Expertise

There is not a single, standard formula for precision agriculture, but it generally includes a combination of technologies that Sealevel has spent decades mastering.

Automation & Control

We got our start in automation and control more than 35 years ago. Our digital and analog I/O products allow you to precisely track and monitor many different real-world signals so that crops are watered or fertilized at the most efficient time. Whether you need to monitor just a few inputs in a hydroponic farm or need to create a distributed control network for a multi-hectare farm, our engineering team can help you configure a solution that is perfect for your application.

Autonomous and Unmanned Systems

Autonomous vehicles and unmanned systems require an increased level of reliability. This is especially true for agriculture applications. Self-driving tractors, farming robots, and autonomous drones are subjected to a wide variety of physical conditions: extreme temperatures, exposure to dust and dirt, extreme vibration, and exposure to moisture to name a few. Sealevel’s team designs and manufactures technology to withstand just about anything.

Embedded Computing

Embedded computers power much of the world’s autonomous vehicles and devices. To meet the environmental stresses in the agriculture industry, it is necessary to use rugged embedded computers that can withstand a beating and keep going. Our products have been designed to do just that, and meet many commercial and military standards for rugged computing.


Our SeaConnect industrial IoT devices offer a variety of digital, analog and sensor I/O options coupled with SeaCloud’s built-in event engine to trigger actions. SeaCloud and SeaConnect combine into a robust IoT platform that allows you to monitor, track, analyze, and rapidly react to changing conditions.


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