Software Engineering

Sealevel’s software team includes software engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists for a team adept at solving the most complex embedded software challenges.

Our engineers use industry-standard software development processes to ensure compliance with specifications and schedule.

The Sealevel software team has developed custom BSPs, microcontroller firmware, drivers, Windows and Linux APIs and utilities. To support standard I/O and computing hardware, the team is also responsible for developing sample code to support our complete product line.

Sealevel software also extends to robust IoT cloud and device management software to support edge applications.

Areas of Expertise

  • Device Drivers for Windows, Windows Embedded and Linux
  • Embedded Firmware
  • C/C++, C# and .NET
  • Hardware Interface
  • Cloud Software
  • Device Management Software
  • Alerting & Response Mechanisms
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Manufacturing Test
  • GUIs for Command & Control Applications