System Design

System Design Engineering

Sealevel has designed and manufactured board-level and complete systems since 1986.

Our team leverages existing IP, reference circuits, computer-on-module and system-on-module to create high-reliability electronics systems for our standard product catalog of COTS solutions, OEMs and industry leaders.

Our supply chain management processes and life cycle strategies ensure we are able to maintain our rigorous quality standards and long-term availability guarantee.

Areas of Expertise

  • Application Design, Documentation and Implementation
  • Analysis of System Functional Requirements
  • Hardware/Software Compatibility
  • 3D CAD/CAM
  • Embedded Logic & Signal Processing Board Design: SOM, RISC Microprocessors & Controllers, ARM, DSP and FPGA
  • LCD & Touch Screen Integration
  • Enclosure Design: Machined, Cast, Metal and Molded
  • System Drivers: BSP for Development/Porting of Device Drivers for Peripherals
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Windows Embedded and Linux, BSPs
  • Embedded Firmware