Built to Last for Critical Communications

Defense. Marine navigation. Broadcast automation. Fracking. Autonomous drones. Emergency call centers.
Embedded computers. I/O. Synchronous serial. Industrial USB hubs.
Solid-state design. Product development. Long-term availability. Reliability.

The common denominator: Sealevel.

Sealevel reinvented the industry with the first RS-422/485 communication adapter for the IBM PC. And never stopped inventing. We design and manufacture solutions for partners around the world with a focus on critical communications. Our high-reliability products are “built to last” – and customers come back time and again simply “because it works.”

Learn more about the stories mentioned here by reading select case studies:

The Relio R1 Beats the Heat in Fracking

In fracking operations, a fleet of trucks carries equipment, including computers that are the brains of their work. A Sealevel customer asked for a standardized computing solution that would meet their specifications, which are more stringent than MIL-STD-810. The computer had to be affordable, as they would be equipping their entire fleet.
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Reading Signals: Loud and Clear

A radio broadcast company needed a reliable, cost-effective monitoring and control solution for their transmitter sites. The dense I/O requirements included 64 digital outputs, 64 isolated igital inputs, 24 analog inputs, Ethernet, USB, and software-selectable serial. Additionally, they requested that the design allow for easy future upgrades or replacement of the SBC.
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911 Dispatch Console for Increased Efficiency & Safety

Sealevel worked with a leading provider of 911 call systems to create a state-of-the-art dispatch console that helps increase the efficiency and safety of first responders. Based on COM Express architecture, the system provides an amazing amount of functionality in a 1U space including a digital signal processor (DSP) for audio processing, 12 audio input channels and 12 audio output channels.
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