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DB9 Female to 5 Screw Terminals (TB34-4) - Four Pack
DB9 Female to 5 Screw Terminals (TB34-4) - Four Pack

Part# TB34-4

(Terminal Block Kit)

Terminal Block Kit (4 Pack) - DB9 Female to 5 Screw Terminals (RS-422/485)

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The TB34-4 kit includes four TB34 terminal blocks and simplifies RS-422 and RS-485 field wiring. Each terminal block adapter includes a DB9 female connector and five screw terminals.

The terminal block is compatible with 2-wire and 4-wire RS-485 networks and matches the RS-422/485 pin-out on Sealevel serial devices with DB9 male connectors. A pair of thumbscrews secures the adapter to the serial port and prevents accidental disconnection. The TB34 is compact and allows multiple adapters to be used on multi-port serial devices, such as Sealevel USB serial adapters, Ethernet serial servers and other Sealevel serial devices with two or more ports.
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Datasheet AA-00416

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