Terminal Block Kit - RJ45 to 9 Screw Terminals

Part: TBRJ45-KT   Model: Terminal Block


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The TBRJ45-KT terminal block kit can be used to easily convert field wiring to an RJ45 connection. The terminal block has eight screw terminals that correspond to the eight RJ45 wires plus a ninth screw terminal for connecting a shield. Simply connect the individual conductors to the appropriate screw terminals and you are done. Designed with Sealevel SeaI/O RS-485 Modbus/RTU devices in mind, the TBRJ45 simplifies the conversion of remote RS-485 wiring to an RJ45 plug, allowing standard CAT5 cabling to be connected to Sealevel SeaI/O devices.

The TBRJ45-KT is also perfect for breaking CAT5 wiring out to screw terminals, which is especially useful for Telco, networking, automation, or other twisted pair wiring applications. For mounting considerations, a 6 piece of slotted Snap Track and two DIN-rail clips are provided, and two holes are located on the TBRJ45 for attaching strain relief to wiring connected to the screw terminals.


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2.75" (L) x 2.0" (W)

• Terminal block has an RJ45 connector and 9 screw terminals
• Connectors and screw terminals are pinned one-to-one
• Can be easily mounted using the included 6 Snap Track (ST101) and DIN-rail clips (STDIN)


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