The What & Why of Industrial USB Hubs

June 21, 2021

USB hubs, specifically those used in industrial applications, are valuable in a variety of settings. High current USB peripherals may include phones, vision systems for automation, security cameras and medical equipment.

What are Industrial USB Hubs?

Industrial USB hubs are designed to offer connection solutions in the harshest conditions. These hubs have high power charging capabilities, super speed connectivity, wide range operating temperatures and can withstand environmental conditions such as shock and vibration.

Industrial USB hubs are powered in two ways: self-powered or bus powered. A self-powered hub pulls power from an external power supply and can offer full power capabilities. A bus-powered USB hub draws power from the host computer and has less capacity than a self-powered hub.

Additional benefits of industrial USB hubs include high retention connectors and individual port power distribution switches that prevent overcurrents and short circuits.

Industrial USB Hub Applications

Military/Mission Control

USB hubs provide reliable connection between gear such as sensors, night vision goggles, GPS and portable handhelds and as high-speed charging tools for these devices. They are designed to withstand battlefield conditions such as shock and extreme temperatures, making rugged USB hubs a valuable resource in the field.

Medical and Industrial Automation

USB hubs can also be used in medical and industrial testing environments to control equipment and automation. The hubs can be programed, controlled and changed to meet specific testing, automation, power delivery and data transfer needs, all while working under intense conditions that may be utilized during testing.


The high-speed data transfer capabilities of USB hubs make them an ideal connectivity option for security measures. The hubs link security cameras to a main data storage device to rapidly upload footage. An industrial USB hub’s ability to operate in inclement weather allows it to fulfill all indoor and outdoor security requirements.

Oil and Gas
USB hubs satisfy connectivity demands at fracking sites. Hubs can withstand extreme shock, vibrations and operating temperatures and still function reliably as data transfer or charging devices. They are well suited for compact spaces, allowing them to be located virtually anywhere on a rig.

Industrial USB hubs are common in rugged applications, but they offer solutions in countless industries. Their high-speed connection capabilities make them assets to elaborate gaming systems and tolling stations, and their high-power charging capabilities make them a reliable power source for office equipment. The future of USB hubs is utilization in virtually every business.

Rugged SuperSpeed 7-Port USB 3.1 Hub mounted with Optional DIN Rail Mounting Kit (Item #DR106)

Rugged SuperSpeed 7-Port USB 3.1 Hub

  • USB 3.1 compliant and backwards compatible, providing up to 5 Gb/s data rate to the host
  • One charging downstream port (CDP) supplies up to 2.4A of current, remaining six CDPs supply up to 1500 mA to each connected device
  • Metal enclosure, robust ESD protections and -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range for extreme environments