Reliable I/O & Ethernet Bolster Broadcast Communications


Sealevel partners with a broadcast communications company that dominates the market for producing and distributing sporting events, specifically horse races. Highly reliable, consistent performance of all systems is essential in order to maintain healthy revenue streams that are largely dependent on advertising. To ensure operations, the company uses redundant systems and large backup generators so that their broadcasting capabilities are not impacted by power loss.

They required a device with robust I/O and a 10/100BaseT Ethernet Modbus TCP interface for monitoring and controlling signals from the generator and associated equipment. The system is used for periodic testing and to verify flawless operation. Other specifications included the ability to

  • Operate the transfer switch to enable generator power
  • Verify the position of the transfer switch (digital input)
  • Monitor entry doors (digital input)
  • Measure oil pressure, temperature, and motor speed (analog inputs)

The Solution

Sealevel’s team specified the SeaI/O-470E to meet the company’s requirements. As a primary benefit, the device can be installed at the generator site and communicate over Ethernet as opposed to routing the associated wiring back to a control station. Additionally, the customer is able to use Sealevel’s MaxSSD Configuration Utility to aid in development and troubleshooting.

SeaI/O-470E Ethernet Data Acquisition Device

  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Modbus TCP interface
  • 8 differential or 16 single-ended 12-bit inputs
  • Two 12-bit D/A output channels
  • 8 optically isolated inputs
  • 8 open-collector outputs




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