Reliable Performance & Response Time for Gunshot Detection


Shooter Detection Systems Gunshot Detection SensorsShooter Detection Systems has decades of experience in the development and delivery of gunshot detection technology. As a result, their certified gunshot detection systems are being used in schools, public venues, government facilities and international companies.

Shooter Detection Systems’s primary product is the the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. The device detects gunshots and alerts authorities immediately, providing key data including specific room location.

Shooter Detection Systems has IP integrations with video, access control, mass notification and other alarms. In an effort to improve the robustness of their Guardian solution in the absences of an IP integration, Shooter Detection Systems asked Sealevel for their recommendation.

A Sealevel Story About Passion: Data Acquisition for Public Safety

The Sealevel Solution

Based on the goals for improving the monitoring capabilities, Sealevel’s team suggested our SeaI/O 440E. Sealevel’s SeaI/O modular I/O devices have proven to be industry-leading solutions for distributed control and data acquisition. And to further support the needs outlined by Shooter Detection Systems, we specifically recommended the SeaI/O 440E with its 32 SPST Form A dry contact Reed relays. Reed relays offer long, dependable performance and a fast response time, particularly indispensable in this application.

The SeaI/O 440E is now deployed in security panels across the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System platform. At any time the device loses connectivity, the failure is automatically signaled by closing the relay – ensuring immediate notification.

SeaI/O 440E Data Acquisition Module

  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Modbus TCP interface
  • 32 SPST dry contact Form A Reed relays
  • Removable screw terminals for simplified field wiring
  • DIN rail or table mount


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