Adapter Kits Improve Functionality of PC/104 Stacks

February 6, 2008

Sealevel Systems introduces adapter kits that greatly improve the functionality of PC/104 stacks by making it easier to include CompactFlash memory, hard drives, and other common devices.

The kits are mechanical adapters that mount to the PC/104 stack but do not interface to the stack; the interface is made using the IDE or USB connector on the device being added. The mounting holes on the adapters are arranged with slots at the corners so the board can be mounted in-line with the PC/104 stack or rotated 180 degrees along the long axis. The ability to choose two mounting options simplifies cable routing and access to connectors.

The PC/104 adapter kit product line is available as a CompactFlash memory adapter, 2.5″ hard drive adapter, and a multipurpose adapter. All kits include standard 0.60″ aluminum standoffs for mounting to the PC/104 stack.

The PC/104 CompactFlash adapter allows you to quickly add a CompactFlash memory card in a PC/104 stack. The CompactFlash adapter supports Type I and Type II cards, or IBM Microdrives, and an on-board jumper allows the user to set the flash drive to master or slave mode. The adapter connects to the host via an IDE interface and both 40-pin and 44-pin IDE connectors are provided. The adapter ships with 44-pin IDE ribbon cable and a 40-pin IDE ribbon cable is available as an option. The adapter provides the additional convenience of push-button card eject and a status LED to visibly monitor drive activity. A CompactFlash adapter kit with a 1Gb memory card is available.

The PC/104 hard drive adapter provides a convenient mounting platform for a 2.5″ hard drive. The PC/104 hard drive adapter includes a 44-pin IDE ribbon cable and hard drive mounting screws. A PC/104 adapter kit with a 60Gb hard drive is available.

The PC/104 multipurpose adapter is a versatile device that allows users to add Sealevel OEM products including SeaDAC Lite modules and embedded 4-port USB hub. SeaDAC Lite modules provide a low I/O count solution in a small PCB form factor and offer a convenient expansion of embedded computers using only an internal USB connection. Models are available with optically isolated inputs, Reed or Form C relay, and TTL outputs. The PC/104 multipurpose adapter includes a rectangular cutout to allow the relays on SeaDAC Lite OEM modules to clear the board so that the module is able to mount very closely to the PC/104 adapter board, further minimizing the PC/104 stack height.